Tom Satterly is a highly decorated retired Special Operations Command Sgt. Major, who along with his teammates, was portrayed in the Oscar Winning film Black Hawk Down. 


Tom served in the Army 25 years, 20 in the US Military’s most secretive and elite Tier One unit, Delta Force. As a member of Delta Force, Tom has been deployed countless times around the world and has led hundreds of our countries most critical military campaigns including Operation Gothic Serpent (Black Hawk Down) and Operation Red Dawn that led to the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Along with hostage rescue missions and high target captures, Tom was also in charge of protection for President Bush during his Thanksgiving trip to Iraq in 2003 and lead over 10,000 soldiers in Iraq.


CSM Satterly has a proven track record of high level leadership and critical decision making in high-risk environments and has a reputation among other top military leaders as someone they would pick first to take into a firefight.  


Over the span of his service, Tom is the recipient of 64 medals and ribbons, of those, 5 were Bronze Star Medals with 2 for Valorous acts.  

His book, All Secure, releases on November 5 by Hachette Publishing and has already received praise from Generals and top Noncommissioned Officers as being a critical and necessary book for not only Special Operations community but by anyone who values leadership in high-risk environments

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