All Secure Mission was born from the real life struggle Tom and Jen faced when he stepped away from a life of service after 25 years in the Army, 20 in the most elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force, and into a now unfamiliar civilian world.

Coping with physical, mental, and emotional pain on a daily basis created challenges and stresses that almost buried them both. 

Their love and commitment to each other pushed them to find sustainable ways to heal themselves physically first, which gave them the strength to begin healing mentally and emotionally as well. 

From that success came the determination to help others who struggle learn to dust off their hard won skills and apply them to living the best life possible, giving hope and purpose to the one next to them, and the next. Each one, teach one.




Tom Satterly grew up with humble beginnings in rural Indiana where he decided one day to sign up for the Army after a John Cougar Mellencamp concert, cliche, yeah he knows.


With a determination to always perform to the best of his abilities he quickly jumped ranks and was chosen out of 500 soldiers to attend German Ranger School (the first American to attend), French Commando School, and completed the Swiss March. As a Green Beret in language school Tom was approached to try out for the US Military's most elite Special Operations unit, Delta Force. He made it through the toughest selection process in the military and spent the next 20 years in Delta.

Tom was involved in the longest sustained firefight since Vietnam, the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) where he ran the Mogadishu Mile to safety. He was involved in the military's most important  

campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, South America, and Africa. During his time in Delta Tom stood up D Squadron and lead a 10,000 man

Task troop in Iraq.

Like most, after his time in service he fell into depression, substance abuse, and nearly took his own life. A text from Jen stopped him that day. From that day forward he began to rebuild his life.


Tom speaks out about leadership, attitude, and that the Greatest Failure is the Failure to Try.




Jen spent 10 years as a photographer and filmmaker, the last of those 3 years she was embedded with US Military Special Operations troops with an elite military contracting firm on Realistic Military Training exercises. Durning her time working alongside Green Berets and Navy SEALS she saw a serious lack of resources to aid with PTS, transitioning home after deployments, and the struggles many face post-service.

She stepped away from her career and became a Certified Health Coach through her determination to help and heal her husband with PTS and TBI. In doing so she found her passion for helping others with the same battles, as well as their spouses, in her conviction that the relationship does not have to be collateral damage.

Jen has helped hundreds of veterans take back their health and has spent countless hours coaching Special Operations veterans, and their spouses, to create the lives they deserve. It is her greatest honor to give back to those who gave so much.

Jen speaks about the many challenges our warriors face, coming home to an unfamiliar world, PTS, habit change and empowering spouses.

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